Furniture Care Tips

Proper Furniture Care

The beauty and value of finished furniture, including antique furniture, highly depends on how well it is being cared for over the years. Using the right furniture polish along with proper care will enhance value and preserve beauty.

Here are some do's and don'ts about proper furniture care:
  1. Never use silicone based polishes. These types of polishes seep into and though the finish, where, when used over time, will harm the finish requiring refinishing work. When seeped into the finish, some of the resultant symptoms might be sheen loss, hazing, and loss in clarity, cracking, crazing, or peeling. When seeped through the finish into the wood grain, these types of polishes make refinishing a nightmare. Wet-spots or fish-eyes develop when new finish is applied making it virtually impossible to achieve a new smooth finish.
  2. Never use glass cleaners or other hard surface cleaning products. These products will damage the original finish over time.
  3. Avoid using polishes that contain wax. Wax build up can cause loss in clarity, hazing, and cracking of the wax film.
  4. Use only polishes that clean and polish in a single step containing no silicones or waxes. In addition, they must also:

a) Protect the finish by acting as temporary barrier against spills and minor scratches caused by dust and grit.
b) Enhance the natural wood grain by penetrating and nourishing the wood fibers.

10 Easy Steps to Protecting and Preserving your Furniture Investment

  1. Dust frequently with clean, lint free, cotton cloth.
  2. Use appropriate polishes as per recommended on the above page.
  3. Clean up spills immediately upon use, blotting with cloth rather than wiping,
  4. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight. Sun can cause the finish and the wood's natural patina to fade and crack.
  5. Keep furniture away form radiators, registers, and air conditioners.
  6. Avoid extreme changes in humidity. This can cause warping and cracking of the finish.
  7. Do not place plastic or rubber objects on the surface. These soften the finish.
  8. Protect the surface using trivets or non-rubber based pads.
  9. Using touch up fill sticks or crayons that may be available through your local furniture store can repair minor nicks and scratches.
  10. For repairing major damages you can call us at 912-234-1245 for an estimate for furniture restoration.
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