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The term Restorations is used for a number of processes.

Depending on the age, overall condition and potential value of a piece of furniture several options are to be considered. Opinions vary widely on which process is most suitable. If you are considering work on a known antique, it is advisable to consult an expert before proceeding with work.

We offer several restoration processes.


Repairs usually include replacement of broken, rotted or missing wood, gluing loose joints, panels and replacement of small areas of veneer. Colors are blended into the original finish and the piece cleaned to enhance the overall appearance. We are capable of duplicating parts that are not repairable

NOTE: When fills and color are necessary there may be some variation in color, +/- 10%. If repairs are major, broken arms legs splits in large surfaces may leave visible lines and marks. We like to discuss these possibilities with our clients..


Restoration usually implies that the work is done using materials that match, in quality and type, the original materials and processes used to produce the piece. This is most desirable on antiques of known age, quality and rarity. Older pieces should be carefully examined to determine if it is suited to this complex and expensive method.


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Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing

Refinishing is performed when the condition of the finish, structure and/or the surfaces cannot be preserved or the piece will maintain or increase in value as a result of the work.

Refinishing includes dismantling, stripping, repair of damage, preparation for the new finish. The selected stain and finish are then applied. The finished piece is then allowed to cure for the correct length of time before delivery. The most common method used Refinishing provides a beautiful appearance and durability that equals that of new furniture without sacrificing the quality found in older furniture. This should be considered when contemplating replacement. Keeping a quality piece of furniture is a great savings over replacement.

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